Our Traditional Breakfast Range

Fresh, Tasty and Filling

Fantastic fresh food at a great price. 

Traditional English Breakfasts including vegetarian options.

Full Breakfasts

No compromise

All our breakfasts are served

with fresh free range eggs.

Our other ingredients are from responsible sources and we only use companies that buy from farms that use kind methods where fresh air, good feed and welfare is taken seriously.

Where ever possible we buy from local companies and suppliers who do their best to buy locally.  All our food is collected by us or delivered by registered companies that comply with strict food legislation. That way we can be sure that when it reaches us it's at it's very best. All our breakfasts come with free Tea (PG tips or Tetley) or Coffee Ground or instant

it's up to you.

For a small extra charge you can upgrade to Latte. Capuccino or Mocha or even try one of our

speciality tea's

The small one

Size isn't everything

1 Sausage, 1 Bacon, Egg, Beans or Tomato Fresh or Tinned, 1 toast and a Tea or Coffee.


This is your favourite

2 Sausages, 2 Bacon Egg, Beans, Tomato Fresh or Tinned, 2 toast and a Tea or Coffee.


The Mighty Mega!

This is when size matters!

Big enough to earn it's own plate!

2 Sausages, 2 Bacon, 2 Eggs, Beans, Tomato Fresh or Tinned,  Hash Brown,  2 toast and don't forget a Tea or Coffee.

Add a Black Pudding or Mushrooms for a small charge*

You can also make your own breakfast up if you wish or simply add other items for a small charge.

Vegetarian Breakfast

Made with you in mind

Our Vegetarian ranges

are not like

some other food outlets "an after thought".

With a vegetarian wife my menu had to start off with Vegetarian choices, then and only then was I was allowed to think about meat.

We offer two breakfasts, Small and a Medium  both great and come with Linda McCartney Sausage.

You can if you wish add other items to make it bigger but the medium fills even the hungriest of people.

All our vegetarian food is cooked in a separate fryer  or on a separate grill plate to ensure that we do not cause offense to people who prefer to avoid meat products.

We only cook with 100% vegetable oil.