About us

Fresh, Tasty and Filling

Fantastic fresh food at a great price. 


My name is Mark, I love the kitchen and I love to cook and prepare food. Have you ever gone on holiday with a group of family or friends and rushed in to grab the best bedroom, Whilst my family do this I go straight to the kitchen and see what there is in the cupboards to use whilst we are there, as I said, I love to cook.

Food is important to all of us, we need it to survive but there is a saying, you are what you eat. Peoples lives are very different, some are very health conscious, some prefer to eat traditional cafe food on occasions some simply don't like to cook.

Mighty Bite


Our cafe opened in September 2015 after a lot of work to create what we think is a really great clean and fresh place. We are please to see everyone in the cafe, after all it is there for the community and people who are passing..

We don't pre pack food, we prepare it for you, that means if you don't want onions we won't put them on, if you do like olives we have them. Your breakfast, or dinner is made especially for you, just for you. At busy times you may wait a few minutes but we think that it's best to wait and have the fresh food that you deserve than to rush grab a stale sandwhich and then wish that you had selected the nice fresh food that we make.