Fresh, Tasty and Filling

Fantastic fresh food at a great price. 

Fresh Food

It's important

To serve good fresh food is important to us and should be to you. Fresh food is tasty, crisp and at it's very best, Every hour that food stands on a shelf it loses appeal and becomes the norm , thats why we make it for you, how you want it and when you want it.

We have an excellent range of food whether you want traditional, vegetarian or want a fresh healthier salad, we offer a variety of breads, and other ingredients, but for those hot breakfasts we only have Heinz baked beans, HP sauce and Heinz Ketchup.

Ordering Food 

0121 459 2020


  • Put it in your phone that way there's no excuse to ever be hungry!
  • We accept all major cards and we don't charge extra or have a minimum order.
  • We also do fantastic platters for any occasion.


Supporting local suppliers and companies

Whenever possible, we buy locally, by doing this we not only support the area but it reduces the time produce is on the road and minimises the carbon footprint. We have carefully selected every item to get the best items at the best price so we can keep our prices competitive.

As a shop we rely on customers coming back time after time, for that reason we strive to make the best food in Stirchley, If you like our food please tell others, if you don't please tell us.